Mirrors in the Barber Shop

The Little Man needed a haircut, badly. I’d intended to get him one last week and things got busy and I got too tired. As it happens, I needed a haircut, too, so this morning, both the Little Man and I went and got one. The Little Man has had many haircuts and is beyond being afraid when go to the barber. Usually I will get my hair cut first while he watches, and then he’ll get his hair cut. Today, however, we got our hair cuts at the same time. And it led to a wonderful little bonding moment.

I sat on one side and he on the other. We could see one another reflected in the mirrors and as the stylists clipped away at our hair, we leered into the mirrors, making faces at one another, sticking our tongues out at one another, laughing, and having an absolute blast. I imagine the Little Man thought it was funny at the time and has already forgotten about it, even though not three hours have passed.

But I really thought it was special, a kind of bonding, sharing a joke that was magnified by being bounced around in the mirrors, making it that much bigger. I really just expected to run an errand this morning. It turned out to be a whole lot more.



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