Summer Vacation(s)

On Friday, I head on a weeklong vacation with the family. So things might be a little slow here. I enjoy blogging however (an understatement for someone who has over 5,200 posts) and so I will probably pop in here from time to time to brag about the (hopefully) wonderful time we are all having. But I might not. It all depends on how much time I have. And I will still be continuing my fiction-writing streak while I am on vacation, which, as of yesterday, stands at 117 consecutive days.

But please note: there will be no Going Paperless post while I am on vacation next week. I am cramped for time to get a post written in advance and so I’ve decided to take a vacation from the column next week. There will be a post on July 9.

When we return from vacation, I will be back in town for a week before heading off to Laramie, Wyoming for this year’s Launchpad Astronomy Workshop. I will be at that workshop for a week, and I imagine I’ll be pretty busy, but that is less of a vacation and more of an avocational training experience, so I do plan to blog regularly while in Wyoming.

A few notes that have become pretty regular fare when I go on vacation:

  • Responding to email takes a backseat to just about everything else. If I find I have free time on my hands, I may shoot off a reply, but I may just as easily take a nap, or sit on a chair and watch the sailboats go by.
  • Responding to blog comments will likely happen infrequently during the day. This means that moderated comments (if you’ve never commented on the blog before) might not get approved until that night. If you comment on the blog and you don’t see your comment immediately, be patient. I’ll try to get all moderated comments approved within 24 hours.
  • Social media (Twitter/Facebook) will depend on what I happen to be doing. Some days I may be there in real time, other days, just reviewing stuff at night.

will try to catch up with all email the week in between my two vacations.


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