Worldcon 2013 in San Antonio

Since I mentioned vacations in the previous post, I should also mention that I will be at Worldcon in San Antonio this year. I’m looking forward to it for 3 reasons:

  1. I’ll get to see friends, hang out, try to avoid talking shop, but get sucked into it anyway.
  2. San Antonio is a great city and the convention is in a great location, right on the Riverwalk.
  3. I am not participating in any programming!

This will be the first convention I’ve been to in a couple of years in which I am not a participant in the programming. It is a relief. I want to go and have a good time. I like being on panels, particularly ones for beginning writers, but I’m really looking forward to attending a Worldcon without the pressure of panels or readings.

I already have my membership, my plane tickets and my hotel room. All I need to do is get there. It should be a blast!


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