Worldcon Logistics

Tomorrow morning I head to San Antonio, Texas, for the 71st World Science Fiction Convention, LoneStarCon3. I’ve already posted a rough schedule. Here I wanted to mention some logistics for folks who are either trying to find me there, or folks who are living vicariously following along from home.

Arrival at Worldcon

If all goes smoothly, I arrive in San Antonio around 11:40 CDT tomorrow. Factoring in the usual airport obstacle course, I hope to be at the hotel by 1 pm.

I am staying at the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter, which I believe is the hotel with all of the bars and night events but not the one with the actual programming. I could be wrong.

Blogging Worldcon

I do my best to blog about the conventions that I attend, as much for myself as for friends and readers who can’t make it but want to know what it is like. I’ll do the same this time. I expect to write one post per day related to the convention. Look for that post the morning of the following day. For example, look for the post about Thursday early Friday morning.

I’ll also be tweeting from Worldcon and if you are interested in following along and don’t already follow me on Twitter, you can find me at @jamietr. Look for the #LoneStarCon hashtag.

Writing at Worldcon

Folks following along with my writing might be wondering if I might break my streak while at Worldcon. My answer is: not if I can help it. To recap:

  • I have written fiction for 180 out of the last 182 days
  • My best consecutive streak so far is 140 days.
  • That streak ended back in July.
  • As of today, the streak is back up to 37 consecutive days.
  • This evening, I passed 75,000 words on the novel
  • I hope to come home from Worldcon with at least 80,000 words.

I plan to do my writing before blogging each morning. Yes, that means getting up early, but the truth is, I don’t sleep in, even when I am up until 2 am. I still find myself awake at 6 am the next morning, so it really isn’t much of a burden. And it feels good to get the writing done early when I will be distracted by other things throughout the day.


I’m being interviewed a couple of times at Worldcon, and this is something new for me. One interview is as part of a group of writers, the other is a one-on-one. When those interviews are available, I’ll let you know.

Book signing

I’m not on official programming, but I will be pre-signing some copies of Beyond the Sun, the anthology that my story, “Flipping the Switch” appears in. Other authors with stories in the anthology will also be signing the books. If you will be at Worldcon and want signed copies of Beyond the Sun, you can look for them in the dealer’s room at the Book Universe booth. (If you grab a copy not signed by me and you want me to sign it, just find me, I’m happy to do it.)

Getting in touch with me

If you are at Worldcon and are trying to get in touch with me here are the best ways to do it, in order of preference:

  • Text me (if you have my number)
  • Tweet me (@jamietr)
  • Email me (jamie [at] jamietoddrubin dot com)
  • Call me (if you have my number)

When I’m not available

Here are a few times that I know for certain I won’t be available. If you are trying to find me, don’t expect to find me during these times:

  • Friday, 1-2 pm
  • Saturday, 10am – 2pm
  • Sunday, 9 – 11 am, 2:30 – 3:30 pm, 6-7 pm

The above times are commitments I’ve already made. Beyond that, I’m around.

Departing Worldcon

I fly home late afternoon on Monday, September 2, but most of Monday is pretty much blocked out so that I can catch up with a good friend of mine. So if you are trying to catch up with me, best try doing it before Monday morning.

I look forward to seeing everyone in San Antonio. Be sure to stop and say hello!


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