Morning strength workout

My second day back on the wagon! I was up at 4:20 AM, had Wheeties, milk, juice and a banana for breakfast and into the gym by 5:50 AM. After a 5 minute warmup, I began my first strength training workout in two months. Today was chest and back and it felt pretty good. I didn’t try to push too hard. (I did 95 lbs on the chest press, for instance.) However, turns out I did a pretty good job.

I did a total of 17,040 pounds today. When I checked my last full chest/back workout back on September 24, I found that I’d done 17,535 lbs. So I fell only a few pounds short of my last workout, even though it had been two months.

Incidentally, for two full days now, I’ve stuck to the nutrition program. No carbs last night (chicken, veggies, and salad). Five meals each day. I just finished my second meal of the day today (a toasted peanut butter and banana sandwich–good for protein). Feels pretty good.

Of course, when I got into the shower, I could barely lift my arms to my shoulders. Thursday will be the worst of the soreness days, but all body soreness should be over by this time next week and I’ll be back into the swing of things.


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