New gym stats

I had a lunch time strength training session at the gym today, chest and back, and I got in a full workout without feeling like I was going to pass out. Actually, it was my best workout since getting back into things.

Rather than bore people with the clinical details of my workouts, as I had in the past, I’m going to summarize my strength training workouts by the total weight lifted for the workout (number of reps time weight). I keep this in a log and it is easy to report. It is also easy to compare one session to another this way. So, to catch you all up, here are the totals for my first four strength training workouts since last Monday:

Date         Workout Type      Total Weight (lbs)
----------   ---------------   ------------------
09/17/2007   Chest/back                    11,335  
09/19/2007   Lower body                    15,240
09/21/2007   Arms/shoulders                 5,400
09/24/2007   Chest/back                    17,535

So from this you can see that I improved dramatically between my first and second chest and back session, from a total of 11,335 lbs to 17,535 lbs. Anyway, going forward, I’ll just report the one line (and of course, mention if it turns out to be a “best ever”.)


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