Metro problems

I love my commute. Just about anything is better than the commute I had in L.A., and this is far better. So far, I’ve been very lucky when it comes to delayed trains and station closures. Today, it caught up with me. I skipped lunch today because of a meeting, so I figured I’d leave a little early and get a jump on shoveling whatever snow remained on my driveway and sidewalk. I headed down to the Pentagon City metro station as they were announcing a that the Pentagon metro station was closed due to a suspicious package.

When this happens, they arrange for shuttle bus service to take passengers to a station where they can connect to another train. You should have seen the massive crowd of people waiting for 4 buses. An hour later there is still a massive crowd of people out there. I gave up and came back into the office.

I’m playing it by ear at this point, but I’ll have to make a decision on what to do by 5 PM.

(Oh, yeah, taxis. My office is right next to the Ritz Carlton and there is always a long line of taxis waiting for people outside. Not today. I thought that was odd. Now I understand why. They were all claimed quickly as soon as the metro shut down.)


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