More Metro Woes

With the extreme heat, the D.C. Metro is running less frequent trains, at slower speeds. During rush hour today, after I left work, this was pretty obvious. The platform at Pentagon City was packed. The Yellow line train that came was pretty full, too, and not only that but one of the cars (the one that stopped in front of me) was out of service. So it was a crowded ride.

I switched to the Green line at Gallery Place, instead of Mt. Vernon and when the Green line came, it was also packed and it also had a car out of service. So it was an unusually crowded ride for the D.C. Metro (but par for the New York Subway). It’ll probably be like that tomorrow, too, but I won’t be catching the train until late tomorrow because of the softball game.

Still, I don’t mind these rare annoyances, compared to the commute I used to have in L.A.


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