Marsbound, part 1

I finished part 1 of joe_haldeman‘s new serialized novel, Marsbound this evening. It’s always fun when ANALOG runs serials (the last one I read was Robert J. Sawyer’s Rollback), but there is also an element of frustration to having to wait 25 days or so for the next issue to come out with the second part of the story. I savor the wait.

I’m really enjoying the story so far. Without giving anything away, I will say that the tone seems a little different from Joe’s recent stuff. It’s got a Heinlein-like quality to it, and the main character, Carmen, reminds me of Podkayne “Poddy” Fries from Podkayne of Mars. If you are an ANALOG reader and haven’t read this story yet, go read it. If you’re not an ANALOG reader, this story alone is worth a subscription.


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