Mail call!

I had a few items waiting for me in the mail when I got home from work last night. First, there was the book I ordered from Amazon over the weekend, The Year’s Best Science Fiction, 24th Annual Collection (ed. Gardner Dozois). There was also a book from he11o_sunshine and stubiebrother on something like 50 different recipes for grilled cheese. It’s a very cute book and will certainly add some variety to my grilled-cheese-preparation. Thanks guys!

I spent the evening working on revisions to my story. I’m hoping to send it off tomorrow or Saturday at the latest.

Paid a couple of bills, the electric bill and the gas bill, which topped $165 because I like to keep my house cozy and it’s been cooler lately. But that’s okay. I’ve been saving money by bringing my meals to work every day and I haven’t spent a dime in the Mall downstairs in nearly 2 weeks now.


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