Thursday arms and shoulders workout

When my alarm went off at 4:20 this morning, I was still pretty tired. In fact, as I got dressed and ready to eat, I kept telling myself that I could skip the workout this morning and do it at lunch instead. Except that now my lunches are reserved for writing (and some reading) and I’d be giving up that time for nothing more than laziness on my part. So I made it into the gym as scheduled and did a full arms and shoulders workout. I did a total of 13,590 lbs today, as compared to the 12,960 lbs I did on my last arms/shoulders workout.

Incidentally, I’m not really that sore from the chest/back workout on Monday. Just a little. My lower back was aching a little this morning, but I think that’s unrelated to the workout. Overall, it felt good this morning and I’m glad I convinced myself to come in.


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