My favorite Christmas song

Reading Connie Willis’ novella, “All Seated On the Ground” yesterday got me thinking about my favorite Christmas song. This is a case of a clear winner for me.

“I’ll Be Home for Christmas” is my favorite.

The song was written by Walter Kent and James Gannon was first recorded back in October 1943. Bing Crosby made it famous.

Holiday songs are fun, but many of them are somewhat trivial too. That’s okay, because they’re supposed to be that way. “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” is flavored with some maudlin reality and echoes the sentiment of many, many people of the time in which it was first popular. There is a hint of sadness at “…if only in my dreams” that adds something special to the song I think. While it originally applied to servicemen, today, the sentiment fits anyone who can’t make it home for Christmas.

Incidentally, my second favorite Christmas song is unequivocally “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”, written by Dr. Seuss. I break up just thinking about the lyrics.


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