We’re in Florida!

We got into Ft. Myers, yesterday, maybe half an hour late. Kelly’s parents picked us up from the airport and took us back to their house. The weather here is outstanding! It was in the 70s when we got here. Before dinner, Kelly and I went for a bike ride around the community and I got a tour of the recreation area, the gym, pools, spa, etc.

After that, I helped decorate the Christmas tree with ornaments. Kelly actually did most of the work, with her dad helping out too. I just handed them ornaments to place on the tree.

We had an outstanding caesar salad for dinner with salmon and chicken and garlic bread. I even tried a couple of olives in my salad for the heck of it. (I don’t really like olives, but I figured I’d give them a second chance. They weren’t as terrible as I remember them, nor were they delicious. We sat around chatting until almost 10 PM when we finally went to bed. Kelly and I watched more of the movie Bedknobs and Broomsticks and still haven’t finished it. I keep falling asleep during our attempts to watch the film and the movie is something like 2-1/2 hours long!


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