Hump day

Up at 4:20 AM. Since I had Kelly’s car (from the weekend), I drove into work this morning and got there right at 5 AM. I was still tired, but I started working right away, and except for an abbreviated lunch break, I worked straight through. I actually felt pretty good about what I managed to get done today. I managed to squeeze in a 25 minute nap at lunch and it really helped.

I left the office at 4 PM. It was $16 to park there fore the day, but it only took me about 10 minutes to get back to Kelly’s. Kelly got home around 4:40 and we took advantage of the pleasant evening to walk over to Whole Foods, where we did a little shopping and got salads for dinner.

We also booked our holiday travel. Yes, it’s 8 month before Christmas, but with crazy fuel prices, and unpredictable airfares, we decided to lock in our fare now. We’re heading down to Florida from December 20-27 and we have our tickets. Should be a lot of fun!

Not much reading today.


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