Graveyard shift

It’s been a long day. It started at midnight, when I got up in order to do a server upgrade. All told, that took 4 hours and I finally got back to bed between 4 and 5 AM. I slept for an hour and a half or so before getting up again, grabbing breakfast and starting my day. My last meeting ended around 3 PM. Once that was over, I took a break in order to mow the lawn. Since I last cut the grass, there has been a lot of rain and the grass grew taller than I’ve ever seen it in the 6 years that I’ve lived here. I think I nearly broke my mower trying to plow through it. But at least it’s done, front and back, and so I’m good on the home front for another week or so.

I finally arranged for an electrician to come by next Tuesday. We played phone tag, but finally talked and I was able to get a quote ($135 total) for what I needed.

Phone call from he11o_sunshine last night, but we didn’t get to talk long because I was off to bed so early. And tonight’s a repeat, only tonight, I get to sleep in 4 hours longer than last night. I’m back to my normal routine of getting up at 4:20 AM.

I’m about 140 pages through In Joy Still Felt. Going to do a little more reading before lights out.


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