Boskone 45 and bills

I stopped at the grocery store after work today. Arriving home, I found Boskone 45 Progress Report 2 waiting for me. I’ve already registered for the conference and I’ve got my hotel room (at the Westin Waterfront). All that’s left is to decide how I’m getting up there, either by train or by plane.

I had a “end of year” letter from my Uncle Dick–Mom’s older brother. And several bills, most of which I paid at once including the electric bill ($88.66), the gas bill ($187.17), and the phone bill ($118.58).

I was busy at work today, another day spent on fine-tuning the Visitor Center application I’m working on (the first application I’ve developed that is fully AJAX-based). I plan on taking it easy this evening, reading and doing little of anything else.


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