Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head

The snow has finally turned to rain. It looks like I got about 2″ of snow at my place. But this was wet, heavy snow. The drive back from the Metro station was a bit treacherous because not all of the streets had been cleared yet and the temperatures are right at the freezing point. I made my way home slowly and carefully.

The rain should help to melt some of the snow. The temps are not going below freezing tonight and will be up to almost 50 during the day tomorrow, so I imagine that most of this snow will melt.

But I noticed that the mail hasn’t come yet.

I’m about ready to hit the shower (a nice hot shower is a cheap way to warm up fast). Then I’m going to read for the rest of the evening. The chapters on India are fascinating, but I am also anxious to get to the chapters on China and Japan.


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