I’m stylin’!

Last night was another early-to-bed evening. I think I was in bed sometime after 6 PM, but read until just about 8 PM. (At present I’m 516 pages into Our Oriental Heritage, deeply immersed in Hinduism.) I fell into a deep sleep until nearly 2 AM. Then I felt like I was wide awake, so I read for about an hour before going back to sleep. As usual, I was up before my alarm went off at 4:19 AM.

The temperature stayed above freezing last night so there was no ice to scrape from my car; even some of the snow had receded. Between 4:30 and 4:45 AM I finally figured out how to alter the base-styles in LiveJournal in order to customize then. (Simple styles can be put into one of the preference screens). I made a custom style for <blockquote>’s so that they appear a bit more nicely formatted on my pages

Like this one!

Small successes like these seem to get me on a roll. I made some excellent progress on my ASP.NET application this morning. I’m wrapping things up. All but two of the logged bugs have been fixed. Things are looking good. I even figured out why some of the post-back code was behaving oddly. (It wasn’t; it was my understanding of how post-backs work. Go figure.)

For some reason, I had the theme song to The Love Boat in my head for nearly an hour this morning. I couldn’t figure out why until I projected back to a conversation I overheard at the local sandwich shop last night. Two women were talking about old TV shows and one of them mentioned The Love Boat. Am I that suggestible?

Going out for beers tonight after work. Tomorrow, Kelly and I are going to hit some of the art museums off the Mall. Next weekend, we head up to New York City.


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