Another day in the software weeds

Ugh! I’ve got to break this cycle soon. It’s too much what it was like when I lived in L.A. and worked nonstop from morning until night. I haven’t been going to the gym and that’s got to stop to. Especially since I’ve been trading gym time for work time.

Today was like every other day for the last couple of weeks. Up at 4:20 AM, after a pretty decent (albeit seemingly quick) night’s sleep. On the train into work, my reading was interrupted by a guy who, seeing my Yankees jackets, decided to talk sports. It was fun. He asked me an interesting question that I’d never thought about before–I’ll post about it later. Anyway, I was into the office at 5:40 and I got right to work on the .NET project. I spent just about the entire day on that, deep in the weeds, lots of SQL stored procedure coding, barely coming up for air. I even worked through lunch.

It was a relief to hit 4 PM. I left work and headed over to Kelly’s, and promptly fell asleep on her couch while waiting for her to get home from work.

We had Papa John’s pizza for dinner and I feel much better.

But it’s back into the weeds tomorrow. And Friday.

On the other hand, it’s back into China too. I’ve finished with Confucius (for now) and am about 675 pages through the book.


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