Monday, Monday

I was supposed to get back to the gym this morning, but couldn’t because I stayed at Kelly’s last night and we normally don’t leave her house until about 8 AM (whereas I leave my house at 5 AM). The reason I stayed at Kelly’s last night, when I had been planning to head home after we got off the train from New York, is an amusing tale in and of itself, but it will have to wait for another time because I’ve got too much to do and not enough time to retell it at the moment.

I spent just about the entire workday putting the finishing touches on the administrative console of the visitor space reservation application I’ve been working on. My tester told me that she’s comfortable with the application at the this point. I’ve still got a few more things to do, but it looks like I’ll be able to push this application out Thursday evening, as planned.

Zeke did not seem too annoyed that I was gone a day longer than expected. I always leave him extra food and water, just in case, and he had plenty of both left when I returned home this afternoon.

I’m 775 pages through Our Oriental Heritage, and it’s looking good that I will finish up the book by the time I go to bed on Thursday–which means I can start The Life of Greece on schedule, beginning February 1st. In fact, I plan to read for the rest of the evening. I’ve got some laundry to run, but other than that, it’s going to be a quiet evening of reading, and early to bed so that I can be up for the gym tomorrow morning.


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