Meeting Day/Trash night

I had four back-to-back meetings today, stretching from 11 AM to just about 3 PM and that effectively took away half of my work day. No chance to call more places about the rehearsal dinner. I called the Chart House yesterday only to find out that they don’t do special parties on the day we want because of Boat Week in Annapolis. I’ve got a few other places to call tomorrow.

I’ve got an appointment for Saturday morning for regular maintenance on my car.

I was at Kelly’s last night and will be there tomorrow night, too. After work, we’re going over to Pentagon Row to see a band perform. It’s an 80’s cover band called Gonzo’s Nose and that reference alone is enough to make them worth seeing. I’ve heard good things about them from others who have seen them.

Usually I go to Kelly’s on Wednesday nights but we’re switching nights for the next few weeks (until we move) because Wednesday night is bulk trash night (pickup is Thursday morning) and I wanted to be around to put out some bulk trash. This evening, I put out the old sofa, along with a bunch of other junk. Kelly suggested I do it before I sit down to write. I hemmed and hawed and finally decided to do it that way. Good thing, too, because it poured here a few minutes ago and if I had waited until after I was done writing, I probably wouldn’t have put it all out. Now let’s see if it all gets picked up tomorrow…

My right elbow joint has been aching lately. 1,000 mg of Tylenol don’t seem to do much to ease the pain. I chalk this up to “getting older”.

And I’ve been playing Scrabulous on Facebook with kruppenheimer and one other person. That’s been kind of fun.


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