It just isn’t worth it

In the mail today, was an offer from American Express, for a free companion ticket (valued up to $500), if I was willing to try, risk free, some travel magazine that I never heard of. I read the fine print. I would be charged $2.99. I would then be billed $19.99 if I decided to keep the magazines beyond the first two issues. Finally, I could call up and cancel at any time for a refund. The free companion ticket would come 3-5 weeks after my first issue.

It sounds like a good deal, but it’s just not worth it. Airline companion tickets have lots of blackouts; they are not upgradeable; and when it comes down to it, the time I’d have to take to sign up for the deal, and then cancel it later would not be worth the value of the free companion ticket that I’d get. I’m not saying that 15 minutes of my time is worth $500. But I am saying that I just can’t put a price on the opportunity costs I’d be losing in those 15 minutes.

On the bright side, I also got my Fall 2007 issue of the Science Fiction Writers of America Bulletin. (Although it is well past Fall 2007.) At least it came.

Presently 860 pages through Our Oriental Heritage with 78 pages left to finish it. Looks like I might have it finished up tomorrow.

Long list of things to get done at work tomorrow, but I’m feeling up to the challenge. We’ll see how things go.


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