Boulder and bowling

We started off the day with a breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and sausage courtesy of Steph and Jim. After breakfast, Kelly and I headed toward downtown to see her brother and nephew. We got the tour of their new place (the balcony overlooks downtown Denver) and hung out for a while before deciding to head up to Boulder, Colorado. Then all four of us piled into the rental car for the 40 minute drive to Boulder.

We ended up at Pearl Street and spent a few hours wandering around there. It’s like a much mellower version of Third Street in Santa Monica, except instead of bordering the Pacific ocean, it bumps right up against the Rocky Mountains. Steph and Jim met us there, and I tried to get in touch with Paul to see if he could meet for a little while, but we just couldn’t do it this time. We ended up stopping for pizza before heading back to Denver.

Once back in Denver, there was a quick change of clothes and then we headed downtown to Lucky Strike where we’d rented a lane for 2 hours to bowl. There were six of us and it was a lot of fun, especially since all of us were pretty terrible bowlers. We bowled for 2 hours, drank a lot of beer, and in general, great fun was had by all. At the end of the two hours, Kelly’s brother and nephew headed home. The rest of us went over to an Irish bar where we sat for a while, munching and drinking.

We got back to Steph and Jim’s pretty late and Kelly fell asleep almost right away. I stayed up a bit longer before crashing myself.

Spoke to Dan today. Looks like he an Megan are not coming out in April, but coming out in May instead. Also spoke to Doug today.


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