The Luckiest Man in Denv*

Our whirlwind weekend tour of Denver came to a close at about 12:30 AM when we got home from the airport. We crammed a lot into 48 hours. I already mentioned what we did on Saturday. Sunday’s schedule was no less hectic–and just as fun. It started with Brunch at a place called Zaidy’s with more of Kelly’s friends (and their twin babies). The food was good and I was hungry. After that, we headed to a nearby mall to spend a little more time with Kelly’s brother and nephews. We had lunch with them and walked around some of the shops. Then it was back to Steph and Jim’s for a little while (where I fell asleep on the couch) and before we knew it, it was 4 PM and time to head for the airport.

We drove back to the airport, returned the rental car, checked into our flight. There were long lines at security, but we used the premiums lines (benefit of Premier status) and got through pretty quickly. Once at the terminal, we headed up to the Red Carpet Club to relax for a little while before catching our flight.

The flight was full, but fortunately, quick. There were 100 MPH tailwinds, and though it took us about 4 hours to get to Denver, it took only 2 hours 38 minutes to get home. We arrived and BWI just before midnight and got home at about 12:40 AM. It was cold out–the wind was whipping and the temps were down in the teens.

Though we were both exhausted, it was a fun trip, my first time in Denver. I would definitely go back again.

*I had this famous science fiction story title in my head the entire time I was in Denver. Fans will know who I’m talking about


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