All kinds of mail today

All kinds of mail when I got home from work today. I had the April/May issue of ASIMOV’S, which I look forward to picking through. It’s got a story by Kate Wilhelm, which is always a treat. Also in the stack was the February 2008 (#219) issue of the SFWA Forum, always interesting, but particularly so what with all of the chatter going on about the upcoming elections. I received the March 2008 issue of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN with what appear to be a couple of fascinating articles, one on “the end of cosmology”, the other on problems that quantum computers can’t solve. Then there was the March 2008 issue of AOPA Pilot, which, as it turns out, is the 50th anniversary issue.

Perhaps the most interesting piece of mail was the bill I got from my family practice doctor. Only $34, but I was trying to figure out what it could possibly be for. Looks like either they just got around to billing, or the insurance company is really slow. Charges listed on the bill go all the way back to March 27, 2006.


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