The last two days at work have been really busy. In fact, I took work home with me this evening again, and just finished up (having spent 2 hours straight trying to get SQL server to talk to Oracle via linked servers. Stupid TNSNAMES!)

I was at Kelly’s last night. We had planned on making chicken parmesan but both of us got out of work late and in the end, we decided to order in a pizza from Papa Johns (who, by the way, had an incredibly fast delivery time–something like 15 minutes after placing the order).

My plan this evening is to sneak in a little bit of writing, get back on the saddle as far as that goes. After all, you can’t submit if you don’t write.

I’m about 180 pages into Jack McDevitt’s Odyssey, and so far, it’s what I expected based on the other books I’ve read by him. He keeps you interested and entertained, but it’s not a mind-blowing story… yet. One thing he does do that annoys me: he uses third person omniscient, which is fine, but rather than switching view points between scenes, he does it between paragraphs and sometimes even sentences. It makes things a little confusing.

Oh, and if you haven’t already heard, mabfan has sold his first book, a collection of his Hugo and Nebula award-nominated short fiction, which will be called I Remember the Future, published by Apex publications. More information here. Congrats, mabfan!


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