Writers’ distractions

I didn’t write this morning.  That’s okay, because Kelly has a girls’ night tonight and I figured once I put Zachary down (assuming he cooperated) I’d have an hour or so to make more progress on the third draft of the February story.  As it turns out, Zachary did cooperate and at 7:15, I found the house quiet, with Zachary sound asleep.  Plenty of time for me to revise a scene or two before Kelly got home.

The thing is, I’ve been reading Connie Willis‘ new novel, Blackout, which has been very good.  Last night, it started to get really good and today at lunch, it got phenomenally good.  So good, in fact, that I simply have to pass on writing this evening and read more of the book.  If I tried to write, I’d be constantly distracted, thinking about what was happening in her book (as opposed to my story) and I would simply be fooling myself.  I’d make no progress.  So why fool myself?  I’ll delay my writing until tomorrow morning and settle down for the next 2 hours or so with her book.

I wonder if this book is merely part of Connie Willis’ ploy to take over science fiction completely by distracting all other writers in the business with her amazing ability to tell a good story, to say nothing of her skills as a Writer.


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