Adoption anniversary

8 years ago today, my cat, Zeke, made his way into my home and life. He was just a kitten, 4 months old. We adopted him from Kitten Rescue in L.A. Wandering through the Northridge Fashion Center, there he was sitting in his food dish, shivering. Everyone ignored him for more lively kittens. We passed him by once. On the way back from shopping, he was still there, still being ignored. We couldn’t pass him up a second time. According to my diary from that day:

We have a new member of the family–a gray, medium-haired male kitten that we have named Ezekiel (Zeke for short). We adopted him from the Kitten Rescue foundation at the Northridge Mall. We just couldn’t resist him! It was a $75 donation, plus $5 for the pet carrier. He’s scared and hiding but we’re trying to make him comfortable. He was born on 11/28/99, has all his shots and tests and has been fixed. He’s got white “socks” but is otherwise a beautiful, soft gray.

He’s come a long way since that day. There were some rough patches back in 2004 when he was gravely ill, but he got through it and has been fine ever since. He’s gotten less skittish over the years. He’s still likes to play fetch, he’s still active, and he still keeps me company when I’m otherwise home alone.


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