Odd and ends

I finally got around to putting together all of my tax paperwork today. My accountant supplies me with a list of things I need to include. This year was a little more “paper” than most. My taxes included my 1099-MISC for the sale of my first story, as well as a number of papers supporting charitable donations and itemized deductions. It’s all packaged up now and ready to go in the mail tomorrow so the accountant can work her magic. Without factoring in itemized deductions and other stuff, a rough back-of-the-envelope calculation makes it look like I’ll owe $3,300. But I’m thinking that will drop to somewhere around $2,000 by the time all of the deductions and stuff have gone in. I sure hope so.

I also got around to re-upping my subscriptions to Asimov’s Science Fiction and F&SF. I had 3 year subscriptions on each and both run out in a month or so. I’ve re-upped for another 2 years each.

I’ve got about 30 pages left on The Left Hand of Darkness. I really will finish tonight. I took a break last night and watched a movie (Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven.) I’m eagerly awaiting Robert Silverberg’s Up the Line, which I’ve heard is a fantastic time-travel story. But it won’t get here before I leave for Orlando tomorrow night. In the meantime, I’ll be reading joe_haldeman‘s short novel, War Year.

Another busy day at work today, but nonetheless productive. I got home around 5 PM and continued working for another 3 hours. It’s Tuesday and I’ve already worked 33.5 hours this week. I’m working from home tomorrow, and then, tomorrow evening, Kelly and I fly down to Orlando where we are meeting vickyandnorm for 4 days of fun at Disney World.


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