More signs of getting older, or what I did on Tuesday evening

I left work at 4 PM yesterday and headed to Kelly’s. She’d just had two wisdom teeth removed and I told her I’d come over on Tuesday (instead of Wednesday when I usually go over there) to stay with her and make sure she was okay. The procedure went smoothly. She was home when I got there and except for the fact that she was still numb, she was fine. As the numbness wore off, the pain started to bother her a bit. Fortunately, she’d been given a prescription for some painkillers. We took it to the pharmacy to get filled. Unfortunately, the doctor forgot to sign the prescription, so we had to wait while the doctor was contacted. Eventually, I headed back to the pharmacy to pick up the filled prescription. I stopped in at the grocery store and got Kelly some soup so that she wouldn’t have to take the medication on an empty stomach. When I got back to her place, I made her soup and afterward, she took her medicine and lay in bed watching a movie.

By the time I finally went to bed, she was feeling better and the pain medicine had started working. She was wide awake and had lots of energy. I, on the other hand, was tired, having been up since 4:20 AM. Besides it was passed my bedtime. Kelly was eager to try out the new toy she’d gotten me–ear/nose hair clippers. (Yes, it is to my utter humiliation to report this, but it is only fair that I balance out this journal now and then with things that are equally uninteresting, and yet humiliating.) And so we passed a frightening (for me) five minutes testing the clippers out. Kelly may have her own perspective on this, but all I can say is that my nose feels bald.

Needless to say, I didn’t manage to get any work on the novel outline done last night, but that’s okay because I can work on it tonight, and besides, I wanted to make sure Kelly was okay. It was a tough balance. I kept wanting to go into her room and ask her if she was feeling okay (which I must have done half a dozen times), but I also didn’t want to “bug” her unnecessarily every 5 minutes and drive her nuts. I hope I struck the right balance.

And in other news, I saw that the Yanks won their first game of the season last night. Their second game is being televised on ESPN2 tonight and I may try and catch a portion of it.


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