Wisdom Tooth Extraction Completed

I am home, and lighter by two wisdom teeth. The last two. As Hawkeye Pierce might say, “Hopefully they took the took and the left behind the wisdom.”

I’m feeling better than I expected to feel. They put me completely out for the procedure, and the numbness around the affected area is still pretty numb, although it is beginning to ache. Kelly is off to the drug store to pick up my prescriptions.

I plan on taking things easy today. I’ll probably alternate between watching episodes of M*A*S*H and listening to the current audiobook I’m working my way through, Will Durant’s The Age of Faith. I got some writing in first thing this morning. Later today I might try for some more.

I’ll be keeping an eye on Twitter and here on the blog as well. But I’m glad this is finally done, and I’m glad I did it with a weekend to back me up on the recovery end.



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