Wisdom Teeth Extraction Tomorrow

I was supposed to have my remained 2 wisdom teeth extracted back in late September, but had to reschedule. Tomorrow, I’m set to have #1 and #32 removed. It will be only the second time in my life that I will be under a general anesthetic1. I opted for the general because, as the doctor explained, when you are 18 years told, your jawbone is like sponge, and the teeth come out relatively easy. At 42, the jawbone is like cement, and the process is more difficult.

So I’ll be asleep for it.

The appointment is first thing tomorrow morning, and the whole visit is supposed to last about an hour and a half, after which Kelly will deposit me at home.

For those who might be concerned about my writing streak–535 consecutive days and counting–I plan on getting some writing in early tomorrow before heading to my appointment. That way, it’s done, in case I don’t feel up to it later in the day. Of course, if I do feel up to it later in the day, then I’ll write more.

I hope to be online after the appointment, but I might be slower than usual in responding to email, tweets, etc. over the weekend. Now you know why.

  1. The first time was when I had my tonsils removed when I was 10 years old.


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