A view into the ridiculous

After work today, I had some errands to run. I gassed up the car. I vacuumed it’s interior. And I stopped at Rite Aid to pick up a few items. I needed a gallon of water. And shaving cream. And razor blades. Would you believe that razor blades at Rite Aid are now under lock and key? There they are on the shelve with all of the other stuff, but you can pull them off the shelf without getting a sales associate to unlock it for you first. (See picture).

First it was forcing people to go to the pharmacy counter to get pseudophedrine products because a tiny element of society was using those products to make meth-amphetamines. And now we need store supervision to buy razor blades? Is there an outbreak of shaving-razor assisted suicide that I am unaware of? Razor blades are already expensive ($20+ for an eight-pack). The price alone would make one think twice before buying one. But to keep them under lock and key?

Besides, what business is it of Rite Aid to protect ourselves from ourselves? To me that is the peak of the ridiculous.


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