Things to do today

I have a number of things to do today in preparation for the trip up to New York this weekend. I figured I’d list them here for good measure:

  • Confirm dinner reservations (this morning)
  • Get a new tie (this morning)
  • Buy more spring water (on the way home from work)
  • Do laundry (this evening)
  • Pack for the trip (this evening)
  • Don’t forget GPS and EZ-Pass (this evening)
  • Gas up the car (for the first time since mid-March) (on the way home from work)
  • Clean/vacuum car (since I will have passengers) (on the way home from work)
  • Empty trash (this evening)
  • Clean dishes in sink (this evening)
  • Prepare iBook for Lisa (and don’t forget to pack the iBook either) (this evening)
  • ADDED: Pack the smashing thing for Denisse (thanks to Kelly for the reminder)
  • ADDED: Flummox the UCLA baseketball game tomorrow

That’s all I can think of at the moment. There may be more.

Also, I have to try and get to bed by 8:30 tonight. I’ve been staying up later (I was up until just after 10 PM last night for instance), which doesn’t sound like much, until you understand that I still get up at 4:20 AM. I need a good night’s sleep tonight because I’m still getting up early tomorrow, and because I have to drive up to New York tomorrow afternoon and need to be alert for that.

Oh yeah, and a significant streak of mine is coming to an end tomorrow, but I’ll have more to say about that tomorrow. Stay tuned…


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