Lunchtime roundup

My right hand feels as though it’s about to fall off. I wrote 8 “thank you” notes for my birthday celebration this past weekend. It’s a good thing I generally don’t write longhand or I wouldn’t make it as a writer. A computer (or typewriter at the very least) is a saving grace. But it just doesn’t seem right, typing a thank you note, so I did them long-hand. They probably won’t go in the mail until Saturday, however. I’m out of stamps. Everyone seems to borrow stamps from me but when I ask to borrow a stamp in return, they never have any.

I sent an updated W-4 to payroll today. Per my accountant, I’m having an addition $100 taken out of each paycheck, which should keep my tax bill somewhat lower next April.

I’m 196 pages through In Memory Yet Green and just about to begin one of my favorite parts, where a young, 18 year old Isaac Asimov visits John Campbell for the first time. How I wish I could have been there! Coincidentally, last night, I purchased and downloaded mabfan‘s short story, “Cosmic Corkscrew“, in which “a fan goes back in time to retrieve the lost manuscript of Isaac Asimov’s first story.” Re-reading it, a decade or so after I first read it brought tears to my eyes last night. It’s made my reading of In Memory Yet Green even more delightful.

Dad and I received two “This is Birdland” t-shirts from the Orioles yesterday (well, I received them, but I’ll bring one out to him when I visit in a week and a half). The shirts are bright orange while white lettering. We got them as one of the perquisites of being season ticket holders.

It’s supposed to be well into the 70s today. When I get home from work, it’s my plan to do my first lawn mowing of the year. The yard needs it, and since it is spring, frequent mowings are required and I don’t want the grass to get so long as to make the job too tedious.


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