I headed to the post office to buy stamps, mail off thank you notes, and mail my sunglasses case to he11o_sunshine (I left my sunglasses at her apartment when I was there last week, and I’m sending her the case so that she can send them back to me without them being damaged. And don’t for second think that I was clever enough to think of this. It was all her idea.) On the way back, I called Jen to wish her a Happy Birthday, and let her know the case was on it’s way.

It rained very hard for about 10 minutes and then stopped and it’s sunny and warm once again.

I read more of In Memory Yet Green and I’m now about halfway through at 356 pages. This afternoon, I have to do some work that I brought home this weekend with the intention of finishing up today. I’d also like to get some more writing done. Kelly’s flight gets in at 5 PM, and I need to pick her up from the airport. I’m very eager to do that.

Off to grab some lunch, then back to work.


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