When does the craziness end

Work has been getting crazy again. There is no end in sight, but I’m doing my best to keep up. It happens steadily, creeps up on you, and before I know it, I find myself fragmented. Yesterday and today, I was doing 3 things at a time throughout the day. If I was in a meeting, I was also writing code, and at the same time, updating notes. Sounds hard, I know, but I’ve been managing. Barely.

I’m now reading Asimov’s New Guide To Science, and I’m trying something new that’s working out pretty well for me. Often, when I read non-fiction, I come up with questions in my head, and usually, I think about them and forget them. Or sometimes, something I read triggers an idea for a story. While reading this book, I’m carrying a small square Post-It pad and pencil. If a question or thought occurs to me, I just a note on a post it and stick it on the page that gave me the thought or idea. It’s simple, easy, and when I’m done, I can go back through the book and put them into some kind of order. Also, it works well on the train; no need to carry a separate notepad or anything like that.

Warm today. It’s supposed to rain over night and tomorrow–anywhere from 1/2 to 1 inch. We’ll see.

I put together a scale model drawing of our new townhouse and I’m measuring out my furniture now so that I can make cutouts and Kelly and I can figure out how everything is going to fit. We’ll probably play around with it a bit tomorrow.

Off to bed now. Maybe I’ll actually get to the gym in the morning. I can’t wait until next weekend. Kelly and I have our 3-day getaway at The Homestead.


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