Busy work day on Wednesday, but that’s really no different than every day has been. I noted that my reimbursement from my trip to Santa Monica was deposited yesterday, $2,060. Just in time for me to pay the bill, too.

Early in the afternoon, I heard back from Edmund Schubert at InterGalactic Medicine Show on my story, “The Golden Watch”. He’d requested revisions on the story a while back, but this time he was writing to tell me that while he liked the style and the characters, something about the story just didn’t work for him and it was time to hand it back to me. He sounded as though he felt pretty bad about it, but I thanked him for taking the time to work on it with me. I always learn a lot working with Edmund and his advice and insights into story-telling are always helpful. Still, I was pretty disappointed (in myself, not in the rejection) and so I treated myself to a banana split. I decided that instead of submitting the first three chapters of my novel to Viable Paradise, I’m going to send this story instead; it’s the perfect workshopping story. Edmund isn’t sure why it doesn’t work, and I’m not sure where to go with it from here. Maybe others can help.

After work, Kelly and I headed over to Avalon at Arlington Square to sign our lease papers. There was an incredible amount to read and sign. My current lease is (and has for the last 6 years) been 2 pages long and has worked just great for me and my landlord. This lease and various satellite papers exceeded 30; fine print, too. But read them we did, and sign them we did. After, I asked if we could go back to the unit we saw so I could take some measurements so that we can figure out where things will go. Kelly was incredibly patient as I spent 45 minutes measuring. On the way over, we passed right by our new place. I snapped a picture:

(We’re the one in the middle.)

For dinner, we took advantage of the mild weather to walk over to Whole Foods and get small salads at the salad bar.


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