Great Falls

Saturday brought us some nearly perfect spring weather. Despite that, I did my best to sleep in. I slept really well Friday night, and wanted it to continue, so I slept in until around 9:30 AM. It felt great.

Kelly had the great idea of heading over to Great Falls National Park, which is not far from where she lives. We headed over late in the morning, and arrived on the Maryland side. We parked the car and I grabbed a quick hot dog (not having eaten anything yet) and then hikes about for a while. It was beautiful weather. Lots of people were hiking about. The Billy Goat trail was closed, probably due to all of the rain we’ve been getting, but we strolled along the canal, and also followed the pathway that overlooks the falls. I even managed to take a few pictures, which I’ll post later.

Upon getting back to Kelly’s I decided I was read for a nap, and I think I must have napped for around 1-1/2 or so. We ran to the grocery store and then packed up our things (and Kelly packed up her laundry) and we headed over to my place. Kelly did laundry while I mowed the lawn. Well, the front lawn. I completed the front lawn and just started the back when I had a rock with the mower and it stopped working. When I try and start it, it just makes a clicking sound. I don’t know what’s wrong with it.

Saturday evening when headed into DC to hang out with Sarah and Michael. That was fun. We took their dog, Oliver, for a walk in the Congressional Cemetery, stopped at Harris Teeter’s to pick up some food, and then sat out in their backyard, talking, and eating for a few hours. It was close to 11 PM, I think, when we finally headed home.


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