Birdhouse in your soul

I worked late. I spent the last 2-1/2 hours of the day getting the application we’ve been developing for the last year to compile on my machine. Microsoft tends to make these things a lot more complicated than they have to be. I tried it one way and it didn’t work, so I tried it another way and it finally did work. The trick was that this had to sync with the code in our revision control system, and as it turns out, we use the opprobriously awful Microsoft Visual Source Safe. I have yet to have a positive experience with that piece of software.

Home around 6:30 and I immediately headed out to the side of the house to pull a bird’s nest out of the exhaust vent for the dryer. It’s a fire hazard for both the birds and me, and I don’t think either of us want to go through that particular insurance claim. The nest, by the way, was a Rube Goldberg contraption made of all kinds of things: leaves, feathers, twigs, newspaper, plastic, you name it.

A club sandwich for dinner and I’m heading off to bed as soon as the laundry is done drying. I need my gym clothes for tomorrow.

Junk mail today, except for the credit card bill.

Dad gets into town around 5 PM tomorrow. He’ll be here for the weekend.

And now for the remark that will likely garner the most attention: I checked the baseball standings today. I haven’t been paying close attention this season. I saw that the Rays were in first place in the AL east and that the Yankees still suck. They are still in last place. It’s a bitter disappointment. Ugh!


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