Movie night

After a long, tough day at work, Kelly and I decided to take a night off and go to the movies. We headed over to the Balston Mall to see Indiana Jones. It was a blast. The movie didn’t take itself seriously, which was great because it made it even more fun. Even the very first shot in the movie poked fun at itself, which set the tone for the rest of the film. We both had a great time and thought the movie was a lot of fun.

My landlord took some people to look at the house last night while I was away. They seem very interested and so it looks as though he has people to take over the rent as of August 1, meaning I can be released from the last month of my lease. Have I said what a cool guy my landlord is?

He did discover a bird’s nest in the vent for the dryer on the side of the house. When I get home this evening, I need to pull it out because, apparently, it is a fire hazard of some kind.

Another busy weekend coming up. Dad comes to town for his first O’s game of the season. He arrives tomorrow evening. Kelly’s brother and nephew will also be in town this weekend. Lots to do!


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