Yesterday and today

Busy days, both. I was very productive at work the last few days, making good progress on two separate projects. Yesterday, I also managed to make huge amounts of headway on move-related stuff, canceling services at the old house, changing addresses with most of the companies I deal with (and even requesting a new certificate from the FAA to replace my crumbling one). I went to Kelly’s after work.

The work day went by quickly today. Todd and I had a late lunch at Johnny Rockets and before I knew it, it was 3 PM and my boss told our team that we could get an early start on the weekend. I met Kelly at the metro station and we headed up to my house. Kelly napped for a while and then we went to Costco so that I could get one more moving kit. I then spent the rest of the evening packing. I actually made good progress. All my books are now packed. It took 36 book-size boxes. All the DVDs and CDs are packed. And I cleaned out the file cabinet, and shredded 4 bags worth of stuff, so that only a small stack of paperwork is left.

I’m about 340 pages through The Language Instinct


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