Wednesdayt morning rundown

Up around 6:30 after getting a pretty good night’s sleep. Kelly worked wonders on our bedroom, which is now about the most completely unpacked and setup room in the house. Had breakfast while watching Good Morning America on the new TV. Packed my lunch and then Kelly and I headed off to work.

What a pleasure it is to have a 5 minute drive! I do plan on riding my bike, but I need to get it tuned up first. Maybe this weekend? I also got a call from the vet letting me know that the food I’d ordered is in. I have to head up to Riverdale this weekend to pick it up.

The morning flew by. I’m busy trying to debug some incompatibility between Safari 3.1 and some conference room scheduling software we use. It looks like we have it narrowed down to a particular JavaScript call (attachEvent vs. addEventListener) but I still have more digging to do. It’s what I spent most of the morning on, but I had R.E.M. to keep me company.

I ran to the post office to send off my check for the online writing workshop. I sent it priority mail so it should be there Friday or Saturday.

I have a ton of trash in the kitchen to take out this evening. If I can get that cleaned up, and a few other things, the place will start to look lived in, rather than just-moved-into. I might even take some pictures this evening so you all can see what it looks like.

Lunchtime. I already ate my sandwich. I’m going to read for a while before my 2 hours of meetings start up.


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