We get a “move day” at work and I used mine today. I headed to the old house this morning and arrived there at 9 AM to do the final cleanup. I was hoping to be done by 1 PM, but it took a little longer than I expected. I finished around 2 PM. I turned the keys over to the new tenants, and helped my landlord load some stuff onto his truck. I forgot to get the final meter reading for the water, but the new tenants are going to do that for me.

I hit traffic on the way home, and though I left at 2 PM, I didn’t get home until 4 PM. 2 hours to go 11 miles. Apparently, there was a fatal accident.

Once home, I did several things in rapid succession: (1) I wrote out a check to James Gunn for the writers workshop. I hadn’t had time to do it over the weekend what with all the moving. I put it in an envelop so that it goes out in the mail tomorrow. (2) I finally completed the wording for the info sheet that will go out in the wedding invitations. (3) I took all of the empty boxes (which had been broken down) out to the trash. It seemed to me like there were dozens of them.

Kelly got home shortly after that. She had gone to the cable place to swap out the boxes after work. We hooked up the new box and it works perfectly. So far.

I dashed up to work in order to meet the team for a softball game tonight. I missed the game last night, but I didn’t want to miss another one. Good thing, too, since we won both nights. Tonight we won 23-15, no thanks to my hitting. I went 0-4 with 1 RBI. I started in the outfield and moved to first base because I couldn’t throw; my elbow was bothering me too much.

After the game I came back home. Kelly had gotten our bedroom into near perfect order. It looks great! Things are finally starting to get settled. The cats are getting more and more used to one another, too.

I watched a portion of the Yankees/Orioles game in HD tonight. That’s pretty cool, too.

I haven’t had much of a chance to read these last few days. I’m 590 pages through The Count of Monte Cristo and I am also going to start reading The Science of Science-Fiction Writer in preparation for the workshop.

I’ve had several people ask me about pictures of the new place. Soon, I promise. I have been so busy, I just haven’t had a chance to take them.

For those of you reading this on your Friends page, I have finally gotten around to the backdated posts for the weekend and yesterday: Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

And now I’m all caught up.


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