What to do?

I was pretty tired when I got home from work this evening, which is unusual, considering I had my regular 30 minute nap at lunch and that usually does the trick for me. I think it has something to do with the fact that I was out until 11 PM last night and didn’t get to bed until almost midnight.

In any event, my dilemma of the moment, aside from just plain staying awake, is what to watch:

1. The Yankee/Red Sox game starts at 7 PM
2. Tom Hanks is on Inside the Actors Studio at 8 PM
3. Season finale of House is on at 9 PM.

I can’t watch the game and watch the other two, but I don’t want to miss them either. If I had a DVR, I might have a way of solving the problem, but I don’t. So I think I’m going to watch the game for an hour, then switch to #2 for and hour, and finally to #3. I can catch parts of the game during commericials.

And if I’m lucky, I’ll get to bed by 10 PM.


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