A day in the life: 3 PM – 9 PM

I try and tie up some loose ends before I stop working for the day, but today I might as well be herding kittens. I finally get out of the office at 4 PM and realize that I don’t have any water for the gym, so I pick up some water. I get to the gym and change, and then do my warmup on the elliptical. Bernard is not there yet and I soon discover that my appointment was set for 4:30 PM. He gets there soon enough however and we get started on lower body. Today the first set seems easy but as the session progresses, I find myself wishing it was over. I am beat, mentally, and just want to go home. I realize that I am not trying as hard as I might as this whole workout thing and that if I am serious about it, I should give it a better effort.

This was the last of the first session pack that I purchased so at the end of the session, I purchase 8 more sessions with Bernard and we schedule the first two for next week. I discover that purchasing 8 sessions earns me a free XM satellite radio and car kit. I only have to pay for service. Well, I have no radio in my car so it is really no use to me. I call Doug to see if he wants it, but he passes.

I return briefly to the office to pick up my stuff and then head over to Champps for our end of year softball bash. It turns out to be fun. There are 9 people that show up and we have a good time. Kristy awards the prizes and I am surprised to learn that I tied in voting for the “Golden Glove” award. I am even more surprised (and somewhat embarassed) to discover that I lead the voting for “MVP”. And so I win two cute little prizes.

I leave the restaurant at 8 PM and head home. Rob takes the same route as me so we rode together, talking about work most of the way and it makes the train ride go by quickly. I get home at 9 PM, skim through the mail, and then decide to update the blog before getting into the shower. I am very much looking forward to finally cracking open Dangerous Visions and getting a little reading done. There is no baseball game to watch tonight. And I decided to set aside my stress as work and try and relax. I can get through one or two stories before going to bed.

It has been a long day, but a more or less typical day in my life. It feels like one of those nights where I will have no trouble falling asleep, and will sleep really well. So I shall hope.


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