No workout today (again!)

I forgot to schedule my training session with Bernard last time and so there is no 4 PM appointment this afternoon. Now, I could go into the gym anyway, but I am going to take advantage of the fact that I have completely screwed up my strength training this week, and skip this evening’s planned workout. I’ll be back in the gym tomorrow for cardio and then in the gym on Saturday for arms and shoulders, and back on my regular routine. Screwing up one week out of six isn’t great, but it’s not too bad either, and at least I’ve been keeping up with the cardio and the light strength training I do afterward (or so I tell myself to make me feel better and less lazy).

The truth is it has been a hectic day anyway and I just want to get home and relax. I’m even planning on staying up until 9 PM! tonight so that I can watch a long-awaited episode of Smallville. I don’t even plan on going out and grabbing my usual chicken dinner tonight, just vegging and being as completely lazy as I can manage. Everyone’s got that coming once in a while, right.

Whatever. I’m getting ready to head home. It looks like snow out. But then again, it was 70 degrees here last week, and it snowed in Malibu last night. Nothing to worry about though. There really is nothing to this whole “global warming” thing.


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