Workout #15 (Chest/back)

After an internal battle of will that lasted about 15 minutes (but in my head seemed to last an eternity, I finally pulled myself out of bed at about ten minutes to 4, headed downstairs and cooked scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Then I settled down to read for 45 minutes, nearly finishing Fred Pohl’s The Way the Future Was.

I headed to the gym at 4:55 AM.  Today was chest/back and I got in a full workout.  I lifted a total of 18,030 pounds, which is over 1,000 pounds better than last time, but it left me a little light-headed.  That’s was a due to a lack of water.  Our gym supplies bottled water in one of those big water cooler dispensers.  There was plenty of water, but no cups.  Finally, toward the end of the workout, I realized that there was a water fountain out in the hallway and made use of that.

I’m glad I struggled out of bed.  I’ve got too much to do to worry about squeezing in a workout tonight.


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