Coming down with something?

Work was pretty busy today, but I felt okay about what I was able to get done. When I left work I headed over to the bike shop to get my bike, which was in great shape. Nearly as good as new. I couldn’t remember how to get the front tire off, and I was too stubborn to ask. By the time I got home, I had a lot of difficulty getting it back on. And then I noticed that somewhere between the bike shop and the house, my back tire went flat. I nearly lost it. I was saved by the bell–or ring tone–Kelly calling to let me know she was leaving work and I needed to pick her up at the metro station.

Pick her up I did and hearing all about her first day at the new job put me into a better mood. We made pasta for dinner. I banged my head on the cupboard while doing that. Today is just not my day, I guess. We were going to head to the gym together but I’m definitely not feeling 100%. The scratchiness at the back of my throat is back. Might be a summer cold or something.

I switched us to the AT&T family plan, which saves us about $50/month. We also got our first cable bill and I paid that today as well.

While the girls are out dining and partying at the bachelorette party in 2 weeks, the boys will be having a baseball night. I got 4 tickets (cheap seats) to the Nationals/Rockies game for Saturday night. Me, Kelly’s Dad, stubiebrother and A.J. Should be fun.

Spoke with Dad earlier this evening. They are back from Seattle.

Sarah is coming over tonight to see the new place.


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