Bike repairs

At lunch today, Casey showed me how to fix my bike. We headed over to my house (convenient that it’s just 5 minutes away), where I gave him a quick tour of the new place. Then we set about fixing the flat rear tire on my bike. First, Casey showed me how the “quick release” feature properly works–on both the front and back tires. Easy to get them off and on. Next, we took the flat back tire with us, headed back to the office and stopped in at a bike shop. I picked up a new tube, some tire-liner tape, and a tire lever, and then we came back to my office.

Casey showed me how to take the tired off, how to identify where the leak was in the old tube, and mark it (so that I could patch it later). I learned how to use the tire lever to take the tire off (and get it back on). I learned how to put the tube in corrected (so that I don’t get “pinch flats”. We pumped up the tire and all is well. All I have to do now it put it back on the bike when I get home.

It looks like I can ride my bike to work tomorrow!

To say nothing of the fact that I now know how to change a bike tire tube, and fix a flat.


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